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Marcos Nähr

Head of Online Content Operations

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Dell Brazil

Head of Online Content Operations in Brazil

Serving as the first eDell Brazil Country Manager, a significant step in eDell’s ( evolution to be a global destination of choice for End User solutions, Enterprise solutions, Services and Software.

User Experience Thesis curator

UX thesis is a digital curation website to establish and develop long term repositories of User Experience digital assets for current and future reference by researchers, scientists, historians, and scholars.

User Experience Mentor

Acting as UX Mentor for, a technology startups accelerator in Brazil. works with Startups bringing knowledge, methodologies and processes to transform ideas into sustainable and promising business.

Assistant Professor

Served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Comunication – Digital Communication course – at UNISINOS University from 2006 to 2010.

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Marcos is a reference on the Field. His website posts and lectures are provocative, smart and thoughtful. He has some impressive “out of the box” thoughts on digital media, which are very useful in an ever-changing environment.

Luli Radfahrer, Ph.D. | Creative director, digital innovation business consultant

Marcos is a dedicated and highly professional person who is an asset to any organization he works for. His broad experience gives him a competitive advantage in the business world. He is a key resource and had also much to add in the growth of the department and the company. Highly recommended.

Rafael Lima | Digital Marketing Director at Multiplica