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The Seminar was a landmark for the launching of the Porto Alegre / Brazil local Design & Emotion Chapter.

It was fully booked several weeks before it happened. We had some press coverage, including contents broadcasted on the radio, in newspapers and trough the Internet. We have also sent invitations to professors and students in every Graduate Design Program in Brazil, as well as to Design Companies. The result was an auditorium crowded to its limit, filled with 180 people ready to see some lectures – specially the one from our keynote speaker, Pieter Desmet – and to take part in a workshop.

 The result was an auditorium crowded to its limit, filled with 180 people

The morning started with a presentation from Leandro Tonetto, focused on describing what designing for emotions is and its main approaches.
Leandro Tonetto

Tonetto was followed by Marcos Nähr and his excellent set of experience-driven examples.
Marcos Nähr

Filipe Campelo was the third speaker, and his lecture included a description about what has been done in Brazil in the field, and also a research agenda.
Filipe Campelo

The morning ended with an inspiring presentation from Pieter Desmet, who said that designing should be seen as an “act of love”, and spread some impressive ideas on Design for Happiness.
Pieter Desmet

We consider this first Brazilian Seminar as a succes! We can’t wait to see the following events!