“Empires of the future are empires of the mind”
~Winston Churchill

Futurists of the past predicted that the 21st-century economy would reward people who could work symbolically with information.

In 1990, Alvin Toffler argued that knowledge – not land, raw materials, labor, or capital – was the primary resource and base for a new world economy. Data, information, and knowledge would become primary, he said, and those who could work with them would be in demand. “At every step from today, it is knowledge, not cheap labor; symbols, not raw materials, that embody and add value.” It now appears that his predictions were correct.

For designers, this all means you stand before a forest of creative occupations. You are in the artistic corner of the work world, the region with the least structure and the greatest opportunity to do something new and different. There will be a variety of occupation here that suits you. Above all, this is a place in which people work with ideas that can add value to information so that it benefits others.

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