Companies take pains to develop statements about what they are, and what they want to be. These policy statements are often general, vague, and not very informative. Every company wants to ‘produce maximum value’ with a ‘dedicated workforce’.

In a sense, running a business and doing design work is quite similar.
Both are processes where analytical capability and creativity are used together to develop plans for the future.

The problem is that these design-like problems of policy and strategy formulation are not tackled in a design-like way.

In design, it is unwise to set goals without exploring what is feasible. You have to explore the possibilities first, by developing and evaluating sketchy solutions. You alternate between the problem and possible solutions, developing them together. In management, the classic internal and external analyses (strengths weaknesses opportunities threats) used to develop the policy and strategies of a company are purely problem focussed.

This is where designers could play a new role, mapping the results of ambitions and strategies by creatively exploring their results through experiments or pilot projects.

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