Building a clear vision is not enough to reach success as, even with an engaging vision, it is difficult to channel your organization`s efforts in a single direction. Big companies are full of entropy, continually moving in the direction of less order rather than more.

Once engaged in a compelling vision, some managers may move in their own directions to make the vision a reality. Other managers, not having bought into the vision, may try to ignore it. Some teams may move too slowly, while others may introduce risk by moving before they have truly thought through regulatory, security, and organizational risks. Other groups may waste resources on duplicative, uncoordinated, or incompatible efforts.

And that`s where digital governance comes in. Digital governance is a framework for establishing accountability, roles, and decision-making authority for an organization’s digital presence. It helps to steer the company`s digital activities in the right direction. It turns the diverse energy of employees throughout the organization into a coherent engine that drives digital transformation forward.